Wood advertising products?

This spans quite a range of products, indeed!
From small personalized items to POSM products, even to a complete barfitting solution, we provide them all.
Wood is our specialty!

Come to discover our products, check our portfolio or look at some photos of our work.
Feel free to contact us for any questions, for developing your ideas - you will love our products! Just ask...Ask anything!

Your Wood Tailor

You are tired of seeing the same kind of products in each and every BTL campaign? Always thought of something special but didn't think it could be done? Well, it can be done! Just share your thoughts with us.

Imagine finding a wood design and engineering company with the equipment to manufacture anything, unlimited capacity, the highest quality standards, unmatched service, and the lowest prices in the market.

With a strong experience and state of the art equipment we at Woodvertising believe the offline advertising industry is far from reaching its limits. Because we always go beyond and amaze our clients and their customers!

The core of our company lies not in our equipment, but into our team. We not only meet all your manufacturing needs but we also make recommendations based on what you're trying to achieve. Our advertisers are here for you on each and every step of your project. And they always keep close to the engineering team, just to make the product of your dream.

And above all that, our prices are still very low. And here's why: because we are equipped with the right machinery for each step necessary for the raw wood to turn into a beautiful work of art. And this is also how we meet deadlines!

Design & 3D Modelling

Got an idea? Back of the napkin sketch? We dare you to challenge our designers and architects. In no-time you will get a digital rendering of your dream

Here's a sample!

Satisfied with the render? Need to touch it? We will ship you a sample of the product with minimal costs. Just wait to see us in action!

Mass production

Gotta love it, right? Make an estimate of your needs and let us know. Our machines are awaiting to serve you. Oh, the shipping will be less than significant, don't worry.

Recent Works

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